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The Avenger has seen a host of engine transplants through its tenure. In 2005 Bajaj Auto plonked the indigenously conceived 178cc DTSi motor from the Pulsar 180 DTSi into the Eliminator albeit in a different tune and re-badged it as the Avenger. Two years later, the 198cc DTSi engine from the Pulsar 200 also made its way onto the Avenger. These strategic developments allowed the Pune-based bike-maker to price the new Avenger competitively and bring it into the affordable price-band but without letting the Avenger brand lose its lustre. While demand for the sportier Pulsars and Karizmas sky-rocketed amongst the masses, those looking for a comfortable, stylish and laid-back motorcycle took to the Avenger without any qualms.

Not like the Avenger 220 DTSi falters in the fuel efficiency department. With an overall efficiency figure of over 45kmpl under mixed riding conditions, the Avenger is a great tool for those who want to go touring on a budget. Even in the cityscape, the Avenger comfortably covered over 40km on one litre of petrol while on the highway run it ran over an impressive 55km on same quantum of fuel. And factor in the 14 litres of tank capacity coupled to the fuel efficient nature of the 220cc Bajaj powerplant and the Avenger 220 DTSi can comfortably take you over 600km on a single tank full.
Equaling the Avenger’s performance is its sure-footed handling and plush ride quality. On a particular occasion, while riding down to Pune from Mumbai the Avenger’s sorted out dynamic ability really showed its prowess when the bike firmly held its place on the road as I went through some massive crater-size potholes and was almost in two minds about whether I will be able to keep the rubber side down or not. But thankfully, the longest in-class wheelbase of 1475mm along with the chunky box-section swing-arm and 154.5kg of mass made sure that the Avenger took all those bumps without upsetting its balance or scaring the rider.

Add to that the fact that there is very little to choose from if you want to buy a good cruiser motorcycle in India, can only help the Bajaj Avenger 220’s case. Currently, apart from the Royal Enfield Thunderbird there is no real competitor to the Avenger in the market. While the Thunderbird has its own breed of Royal Enfield patrons, the stylish yet practical charm of the Avenger explains why despite onslaughts from other bike-makers over the years, it still remains a hot-favourite set of wheels amongst the Indian cruiser-fans. And with Bajaj Auto’s prowess at competitively pricing its motorcycles, it is apparent why the Avenger makes perfect sense, especially now with added grunt and an alluring price-tag of Rs. 69,930 (Ex-showroom, Delhi). Although, more enticing than the Avenger’s price is the thought that since Bajaj Auto is gearing up to unleash its new breed of Pulsars into the market sometime by 2011, we wonder what the next generation Avenger will look like. Tracing Bajaj Auto’s business models and its aptitude to successfully combine technology with low-cost manufacturing and its approach of bringing power to the people, can we expect a full-blown 400cc liquid-cooled 60-degree V-twin? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.